About us

Arthur Quinn Ltd is a leadership and organisation development company that offers consulting, training and executive coaching to clients
Arthur Quinn Ltd works together with a group of like-minded business Associates and Partners and is supported by a “Wisdom Council” of experienced practitioners in business and academia.
We work co-creatively through participative inquiry, discovery and reflection. We inject thought leadership during the co-creative process and aim to develop innovative, sustainable solutions with positive outcomes.
Learning happens for individuals on-the-job; through exposure to coaches, mentors, networks; and through education (classroom and e-learning). We offer support on all 3 forms of leadership development.

Tony Awcock, Principal

Tony Awcock is an accomplished international HR executive with an unyielding passion and integrity to help leaders and teams learn, grow and change.

He has over 30 years of experience in leadership development, coaching, talent management, organisation development, learning and development and HR management gained in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry, financial services and building materials sectors.

Interpersonally Tony is able to foster relationships and build trust and confidence with leaders and teams; he possesses the skills to coach and facilitate individuals and teams through organisational change.

Strengths based approaches to leadership development; Emotional intelligence; Neuroleadership; Coaching for performance, development and executive on-boarding, New manager assimilation and team effectiveness; talent management and organisation development.

Tony is British and has worked in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Since 2005 he has lived with his family in the Alsace region of France.


We work with highly reputable international partners to offer combined solutions and/or support services to clients.





Wisdom Council

A group of dearly valued friends and accomplished business professionals and experienced practitioners who generously give their counsel, wisdom and experience to Arthur Quinn Ltd. Their guidance is highly cherished and appreciated.

Dr. Peter J. Cuozzo
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Associate Consulting Team

We are curious and always keen to discover and learn new things while at the same time leveraging over 200 years of our combined professional experience.

Dr. Peter J. Cuozzo

Valerie Villiger-McNeill

Stuart Pidgeon

Dr. Hartmut Stuelten